Welcome to Beginning of Wisdom. I’m Andrew Schumacher. This ministry seeks to do theology and apologetics in the sight of God. What this means is that, before anyone else sees what is written or recorded, the primary audience of anything I produce is God. It is important to me to remember that everything is laid before Him, and should therefore be done in accordance with what He has revealed.

This is the central location for all of the content I produce online, and you should be able to get anywhere any significant content is produced from here. Let me show you around.


Beginning of Wisdom Live – Live Streams on YouTube.

Odysee – My YouTube Channel is entirely mirrored here, and it’s on the blockchain, so if something gets deleted elsewhere, it will probably still be here.

Rumble – Another place to find video content.


The Beginning of Wisdom Podcast – If you prefer to listen to your theology and apologetics, you can subscribe to the podcast, where episodes of Beginning of Wisdom Live will be posted in podcast form. Check it out!


Blog – Written thoughts on various topics, also all announcements of content dropped in other places


My focus on Social Media may shift around a bit, but here are the places you can follow me at the moment

Mewe – This is my primary place to interact with community. There’s a group at this link. Join up and we can chat

Instagram – Some video and other content





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