Welcome to the Beginning of Wisdom, theology and apologetics in the sight of God.

My name is Andrew Schumacher. I’m married to Nikki Schumacher, and we are raising three children, with two who have passed away. I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, and love to study theology and apologetics.

Theologically, I am a Trinitarian.

Soteriologically, I believe in the freedom of God to save who He wills, as reflected in Calvinism.

Covenentally, I believe baptism is for members of the New Covenant, which are people in whose hearts God has written His law of faith. Believers, in other words.

Eschatologically, I am very firmly either postmillennial or amillennial. The Kingdom of God has come and is spreading over the world until Jesus returns. I’m just not sure if it will actually (through individual conversions) conquer and Christianize the governments of the world, or just be spread in the populace of every corner of the world.

This ministry focuses on areas in which I have developed a significant knowledge base, and not other stuff.

The goal of Beginning of Wisdom is to faithfully apply the truth of Scripture to the falsehoods of our age, whether religious or cultural. Faithfulness means doing so “in the sight of God”, which means that I speak and write with the conscious understanding that God is listening and reading, and my first responsibility in any content I produce is that it be pleasing to Him. This means that I must “speak the truth in love”. Bending the truth to make a point is inexcusable, but so is speaking with unwarranted harshness. Whether I am speaking to or about a believer or unbeliever, everyone is a person I may meet in heaven one day, and I pray that meeting can be one of gratefulness for the fruit of my conduct here and now, and not a meeting in spite of it.