On this page, I will collect content I’ve created that relates to the Hebrew Roots movement. Primarily, this deals with the idea that Christians today are still subject to all the laws of the Torah, including dietary laws, keeping certain days holy, etc.

The Christian Relationship to the Law

In this video series, I work through the Scriptures inductively, tracing the ways that God has revealed His moral will to His people.

Playlist: The Biblical Christian View of the Law

Extended Biblical Studies and Hebrew Roots

To make sure things are always in context, I have done series walking through entire books and passages showing how they refute common Hebrew Roots arguments using these passages.

Playlist: Romans Versus Hebrew Roots

Playlist: Galatians Versus Hebrew Roots

Playlist: Hebrews Versus Hebrew Roots

Hebrew Roots Teachers Versus The Gospel

This is a playlist collecting exposure and refutation of some of the worst, most heretical twisting of the Gospel found in this movement.

Playlist: Hebrew Roots Teachers Vs the Gospel

The Cross and the Torah: Examining the Hebrew Roots Movement

This is a video series examining the position, arguments, and claims of those in the Hebrew Roots and Torah observant movement. The goal for this series is to provide, on YouTube, where many in the movement get their information, with a comprehensive examination of the position and arguments.

Playlist: The Cross and the Torah

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Major Problems: Circumcision

Episode 3: Bad Arguments: New Testament Lawlessness is Breaking the Law of Moses

Episode 4: Other Issues: Noah and Eating Meat

Episode 5: How the Civil Law Destroys the Hebrew Roots Movement

Episode 6: Bad Arguments: Abolish and Fulfill

Episode 7: Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council

Episode 8: New or Renewed Covenant?

Episode 9: Distinguishing the Covenants I | The Old Testament

Episode 10: Distinguishing the Covenants II | New Testament

Episode 11: Distinguishing the Covenants III | Answering Objections

Answering The Pauline Paradox book by 119 Ministries.

This blog series documents various ways 119 Ministries has mishandled the text of Paul’s epistles in trying to make them fit their theology.

Ignoring Paul in The Pauline Paradox

The Many Fallacies of The Pauline Paradox

How The Pauline Paradox Mishandles the Bible

Has 119 Ministries Read Galatians?

Answering Hebrew Roots Blog Series

This is a blog series going over the Scriptural foundations of God’s commands and Law, showing how the Christian ethic is really founded in both Old and New Testaments, rightly understood. This series addresses these things in light of Hebrew Roots arguments.

Book 1: The Christian Ethic

Part 1: Laying Out the Christian Ethic

Laying Out the Biblical Christian Ethic

Part 2: From Adam to Moses

Enduring Law, Sin Before the Law of Moses

Changes in God’s Commands Before Sinai

Part 3: The Law of Moses

The Ten Commandments

How to Recognize Distinctions in the Law

The Moral Law

The Civil Law

Religious Laws Part 1

Religious Laws Part 2

Part 4: Jesus and the New Covenant

Old Testament Symbols of New Testament Truths

Matthew 5:17-20 and the Hebrew Roots Movement

Jesus’ words in this section of the Sermon on the Mount are often appealed to by those in the Hebrew Roots movement to support their position. But does Jesus really support it? Below are some written thoughts, as well as a playlist on the sermon on the Mount from BW Live.

Matthew 5 and the Hebrew Roots Movement, verse 17

Matthew 5 and the Hebrew Roots Movement, Verse 18

Matthew 5 and the Hebrew Roots Movement, Verse 19

Matthew 5 and the Hebrew Roots Movement, Verse 20

Playlist: The Sermon on the Mount and the Law

Other Hebrew Roots Issues Addressed

Some things just get worked on outside of a series. Here are some videos like that.

What is the Christian Sabbath?

How the Torah Sacrifices Refute Hebrew Roots

Are Gentiles the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Christmas Vindicated

BW Live: Answering Philia Ministries’ Confused Response to Mike Winger on the Law