Answering Philia Ministries’ Confused Video

Recently, James Dinonno decided to respond, without naming names, to the very effective critique of his own position by Mike Winger.

Mike did a series of videos answering Hebrew Roots arguments, finishing that series with a critique of the strange and unique ways they try to get around Paul’s words about not being “under the Law.”

I can only guess that he doesn’t name Mike because he doesn’t want more people to find Mike’s video. The Hebrew Roots position is utterly dismantled.

So, James has made a video for those already affected, and it isn’t any surprise that it is full of inconsistencies and meandering. The video is called “Getting out from under the Law”.

So, since Mike has more on his plate than a silly “response” to his videos, and I have some experience with James’ bad arguments, I thought I’d go ahead and take this video apart for you all, and I’ll do it live!

So this Tuesday, 7/9/19, at 10:30 PM ET, head over to the YouTube channel and we’ll be going through the main points. Looks like this will take the whole hour. Then, as always, we’ll be doing Q&A right then. We get a lot of Torah observers in the chat and I’m not shy. Come on over. Let’s talk.

If you are a more recent reader/viewer, here’s a playlist of my previous videos on Philia to get you up to speed.