BW Live: Are Gentiles Really Descended From the Lost Tribes of Israel?

Ever wonder how Hebrew Roots folks get around the rather clear fact that much of the Law of Moses was intended only for Israel, and many people today aren’t Israeli or Jewish?

Why, they say we’re all descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel. And if you’re descended from Israelites, you are an Israelite, and so you need to show your obedience to God by observing all the Law of Moses.

How do they know this about you when they don’t know your lineage? Well, that’s where some very poor biblical interpretation comes in. 

This week, I’m going to be removing this oft-ignored support beam in the Hebrew Roots house. Don’t miss it.

Tuesday, 10/29, 10:30 pm ET/7:30 Pacific, at the YouTube Channel. Will try to squeeze Q&A into this one if time permits, so you might want to catch it live.