BW Live: Did The Ephesians Reject Paul? Does Paul’s Tribe Disqualify Him? And Other Questions to Answer “No” To

In what I sincerely hope will be the last part of this series discussing Justin Best’s 50 reasons to reject Paul, I’ll be covering his allegation that Paul was rejected by the Ephesians, a truly remarkable claim considering the information we have. I’ll also go through some of his other claims rather quickly, as they don’t amount to much and are easily refuted when you read the relevant sections of a Bible.

Finally, I’ll be tackling what amounts to his 51st reason, since it isn’t on the list, and yet he spends a great deal of time on it in his second video. That is, the claim that because Paul is the ravenous wolf Jesus warned against in Matthew 7:15, what with him being a Benjamite and Benjamin being called a ravenous wolf in Genesis 49:27. Yeah. That’s the argument. As we’ll see through careful examination, like all of Justin’s arguments against Paul, it falls flat.

Join me at 10:30 pm ET tonight at the YouTube channel for the show, and to join in the conversation.