BW Live: Hebrew Roots and the Gospel 5: Deep Dive in Romans Part 1

It’s good to be back. Planning on starting a series working through Romans with an eye to the Gospel and how it relates to the Law of Moses, and consequently, to the Hebrew Roots movement.

As we saw with Galatians, we will see how a careful, in context reading of the letter, from beginning to end, shows us the truth of God’s intent to move His people from the side issue of the law into salvation by faith, led by the Spirit.

Reading a whole book in context is lethal to Hebrew Roots theology, which is why they do not do it, at least not without an “introduction” just as long as their attempt at exposition, designed only to attempt to redefine terms to anything but how the book itself defines them.

If you’ve never considered this, Paul’s masterpiece of New Testament theology firmly founded on Old Testament understanding is something you need to read. If your beliefs about this book are based on Hebrew Roots teaching, you will not be able to come out of this study without major challenges to what you’ve been taught. The Scripture stands. Stand on it.