BW Live: Hebrew Roots and the Gospel Part 11: Deep Dive in Romans Part 7

Let’s recap:

The Gospel is a story. That story is the story of Christ and what He accomplished, establishing His kingdom on earth through His life, death, burial, and resurrection. He is now seated on the throne in heaven.

The Gospel is the good news that, because of this, man is no longer estranged from God, if he will but repent of his sinful ways and turn in faith to Christ, trusting in His work to bring man into righteousness, since the law has shown that man cannot even adequately obey God, cannot even seek Him or submit to Him.

The Gospel is the power of salvation for believers. But what now? How should man behave in light of the Gospel? This is where we turn this week as we come to chapter 12 of Romans. We come to Paul’s practical application of all the deep theology he has explained up to this point.

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