BW Live: Justin Best Denying Paul and Accepting Unbelieving Scholarship

Who’s your best friend if you want to deny the inspiration of Paul? Why, unbelieving scholars, of course.

In a cruel, yet inescapable irony, those people involved in the Hebrew Roots movement who finally realize the Apostle Paul does not teach their version of lawkeeping, if they want to maintain what they think is fidelity to the Torah, have to get rid of Paul. And when they do, where do they turn for some kind of justification? Unbelieving critical scholarship.

This is so Ironic because they actually think it is conservative Christians, who have a high view of Scripture, who are ensnared by liberal thinking.

In tonight’s episode, we’ll be looking at a collection of arguments Justin Best employs against Paul that are derived from liberal scholars, not people who believe God has truly inspired and preserved His Word.

Don’t miss it live as there will be the customary Q&A. 10:30 PM ET on the Youtube channel.