BW Live: The Christian Approach to the Law Part 2: Genesis

Just what, exactly, is the Christian relationship to the Law of Moses?

Do a search for that subject, and you’re going to find a whole bunch of folks clamoring to give you a simplistic answer, whether to say you can ignore the Law or you should be keeping all of it just like Israel did in the Old Testament.

This isn’t going to be like that.

Settle in, because this question can’t really be answered in a 10 minute video or a single blog post. This requires you to think and wrestle with the Scriptures.

I’m picking back up a series I began a few weeks back, introducing the subject. This week, in part 2, I’ll be starting where all major biblical questions should start: Genesis.

Genesis sets the stage. It establishes the standards by which we even approach these questions. It is often ignored except to mine for prooftexts for a foregone conclusion. We’ll be digging deeper than that.