BW Live: What Exactly is the Biblical Sabbath Today?

Now this is a topic that is sure to give me a little bit of insight into who listens to this show. Of course, this episode is inspired by my work on Hebrew Roots issues, but there are many sides to it.

Different Christian denominations take different stances on what it is.

Hebrew Roots people and Seventh-Day Adventists say that those denominations are in sin (or even carry the mark of the beast) because of disagreement on this issue.

In this episode, I give, what I believe, is the most consistent, Biblical position, that incorporates all that both the Old Testament and New Testament have to say, and does not lean on extra-biblical tradition to make the point.

God willing, the live chat will get lively, and we could have a pretty good Q&A for those who catch it live, as always, Tuesday nights at 10:30 pm ET/7:30 Pacific, at the YouTube Channel. If you haven’t subscribed, do so and ring the bell, and you’ll know right when the show starts. See you there!