Distinguishing the Covenants

How to understand the relationships of the major covenants, such as the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and New Covenants, is a big subject. Like all big subjects in Scripture, people tend to try to take shortcuts to make things fit together, and especially to make them fit other theological commitments accepted prior to tackling this issue.

In my work with Hebrew Roots and Torah movements, I’ve found a tendency to attempt to conflate the covenants into one. As I studied the covenants in detail, however, I found that this cannot be the answer. I’ve released two videos addressing this issue, with one more to come. The first looks at Old Testament texts, and the second at New Testament. In the final video, look for an initial consideration of some objections that might be leveled against my position. Hope you enjoy this series.

Distinguishing the Covenants I: The Old Testament

Distinguishing the Covenants II: The New Testament