Examining Philia Ministries Part 4: How to Handle False Teachers

New video has been posted. In this video, I tackle an issue that came up since my first video on Philia Ministries, an organization promoting Torah observance for all Christians. That issue is that use of Matthew 18 by false teachers to try to accuse those who challenge them biblically of violating Jesus’ words on confronting a brother in sin.

The irony is that I actually addressed that bad argument at the end of my first video. This did not stop both James Dinonno and his followers of trotting it out anyway. So they either didn’t watch the video, or they just don’t care that their appeal to Matthew 18 had been shown to be fallacious before they even put finger to keyboard.

Nonetheless, I put together a much deeper look at the biblical handling of false teachers to show that, not only is their appeal to Jesus’ words completely inappropriate, but they are actually violating the commands the Torah gives for handling people who spread falsehood about God. This one is sure to make me lots of friends.