BW Live: Jesus’ Humanity and the Trinity: Answering Unitarians

When Unitarians attempt to mount a biblical case against the Trinity, there are two primary lines of attack. One is to attempt to show that Scriptural statements about there only being one God also prove the further point that God is a unitarian God, as in a unipersonal God.

The other is to hammer on the humanity of Christ in an effort to prove that this is inconsistent with Jesus’ deity. In this episode we tackle the second line of argumentation.

Arguing from Jesus’ humanity to unitarianism fails for really the same reason as the previous episode showed, regarding arguing from one God. The unitarian is missing a premise. He needs to show that either the Scriptures themselves say, “If Jesus is truly human then He is not truly God”, or he needs to show that it is a complete logical impossibility for Jesus to be both God and man. Many unitarians believe this, but it is one thing to believe something. It is something entirely different to demonstrate it.