BW Live: Is The Trinity a Late, Pagan Invention? Answering Unitarians

You’ve heard the story.

In the early days of Christianity, doctrine was pure and undefiled. The early church was unified. Then, sometime after the death of the apostles, nefarious forces of pagan origin, culminating in the Roman emperor Constantine convening the Council of Nicea, imposed pagan beliefs on the church, changing the nature of Christian theology, perpetuated by the Roman Catholic church and not really dealt with by the Reformation. But the good news is, the truth has been restored. Join our true, 1st century faith.

Now, if you were to tell me you heard this story from someone, the one thing I could not do is tell you what their religion is. I have heard this line from

  • LDS, Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • The Way International,
  • various Hebrew Roots groups,
  • Christadelphians,
  • New Age practitioners,
  • modern Gnostics,
  • Moonies,
  • Armstrongites,
  • various Unitarian groups,
  • 7th Day Adventists,
  • the list goes on.

The one thing they all have in common is a claim that they are the truth taught in the days of the Apostles.

In this episode, we show why that is not only false, but more damaging to Unitarians than any damage they hope to do against the Trinity.