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    Hi.  My name is Drew Lewis and welcome to The Beginning of Wisdom.  If you’re new here, well, don’t worry.  So am I.  First, a little about myself.  I’m a former (childhood) member of the Way International, a religious group started by Victor Paul Wierwille in 1942.  My family left during turmoil surrounding the leadership during the ’80s, when a lot of people were leaving.  I continued to believe the teachings of The Way, including denial of the Deity of Christ and a belief in annihilationism, until 1998, when, through research on various cults and religious groups, I came to understand that Jesus truly is God, and worshipped Him as such.  

    I received a B.A. in philosophy from Boise State University and currently attend First Baptist Church in Boise, where I spend my time on two of my favorite things: music (I’m in one of the praise bands), and theology (I teach a young adult Sunday school and am in a small group discussing theology).

    Theologically, I am an unashamed 5-point Calvinist, credobaptist, amillenialist, and moderate cessationist.  I believe that God has spoken clearly on many subjects and that the vast majority of differences of opinion concerning the teaching of the Bible can be traced back, not to a lack of clarity in the Scriptures, but to either a lack of understanding in the person or adherence to some presupposition that causes a person to believe what he or she believes.
    As of this post, I am less than two months from marrying my fiancee, Nikki.  With the exception of only some older women, I know of no wiser woman than her.  She challenges my thinking every step of the way and I’m better for it.
    The purpose of this blog is twofold.  First, I will seek to present a clear, unambiguous affirmation and explanation of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.  Second, I will examine some of the things being said by critics of the faith from other religious and secular viewpoints.  May God grant me wisdom as it begins.

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  1. What does moderate cessationist mean? If it means that McCain’s too moderate and you want to cecede, sign me up. We conservatives have all the guns anyway.

  2. Hey Drew,Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I’ve bookedmarked it and look forward to reading your thoughts and philosophies. Look forward to more.Trav

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