Tagged and Bagged

I’ve been hit with the dreaded “five things we don’t know about you” tag, by Dominic Bnonn Tennant.  So, here they are.  And okay, a lot of people may know these things, but probably not any readers who don’t know me personally.

1. I used to be pursuing a music career with a band called Redmark.  We still play a bit, here and there, sometimes all together, and sometimes just me and my friend, Zack.

2. Since the time I was engaged to my wife, just over a year ago, we’ve owned five cars and borrowed or rented thousands.  I hope a string of bad cars doesn’t hit you like it hit us.

3. I was in all-state choir in Washington during my sophomore and senior years of high school.

4. I can tell you where every fast-food restaurant is in Boise and what kind it is, even though I don’t go to them anymore since I married such a good cook. 🙂

5. I’ve been to India and Thailand on a mission trip and honeymoon, respectively.

So, now, it’s my turn.  I hereby tag:

James White

Chris Bolt

Nikki Schumacher

Peter Pike

Doug Groothius

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