BW Live: The Shaliach Defense: Can Jesus be God and God’s Representative?: Answering Unitarians

The time has come again. Tuesday is upon us.

In this episode, we shift the focus from arguments Unitarians make against the Trinity to arguments Unitarians use to defend themselves when Trinitarians go after their theology with Scripture.

This shift means something. If you’re a Unitarian, it should make you a little mad. You’ll have to watch the episode to hear specifically why.

This is the second-to-last episode in the series, and both this and the final episode will deal with a particular way that Unitarians seek to defend themselves from Trinitarian arguments.

2 thoughts on “BW Live: The Shaliach Defense: Can Jesus be God and God’s Representative?: Answering Unitarians”

  1. Hi Andrew. My name is Anthony Uvenio and I will be debating Andrew Griffen next March. The premise of the debate that I will be affirming is: “Does the Gospel Of John Teach the Deity of Christ”. I know that you’ve debated him and watched some of it on youtube, so I’d like to talk to you about the debate, some tips/tactics, and resources you’ve used. Thanks

    1. He really likes to cite a bunch of scholars’ opinions on what Scripture means. If I was to debate your topic, I’d probably go over the many ways John affirms the deity of Christ, careful to point out the contrast between your thoroughly biblical case and his highly speculative, opinion-ridden case.

      He also has no response to the connection between the Word of Yahweh in the Old Testament and Aramaic targums and the opening to the Gospel of John. Like most Unitarians, he has his pet interpretation, but it’s one of convenience for his theology, not one based in biblical theology.

      If you want to chat over email, feel free to reach out on my contact page. I glanced over your website and it looks like you’ve got a lot going on. Looks good.

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