Dale Tuggy Has Posted My Trinity Debate

Last summer, I did a live online debate against a biblical Unitarian, Andrew Griffin. That debate has been available at my youtube channel since then.

Recently, Dale Tuggy, whom I’ve interacted with before on this blog, posted an edit of the debate to his Trinities podcast and Trinities.org blog. You can see his post here.

Below, I’m reposting my edits as well. I think the debate shows the strength of what I’m beginning to call the “Biblical Trinity”, which reduces the language we use to define the Trinity to concepts we find directly affirmed in Scripture. This results in a bit longer definition than most people are familiar with, but, as this debate showed, it clarifies what specific biblical truths the Trinitarian is obliged to defend, and removes the need to defend other thinking and speculation about the Trinity.

I hope you enjoy it.