Is the Trinity Biblical? Debate Announcement

What: Debate between myself and Andrew Griffin, a biblical Unitarian.

When: July 2, 7 pm Eastern

Where: The debate will be online, live-streamed at Andrew Griffin’s YouTube channel.

Keep a bookmark at this blog for any updates. My plan is to post a link to the debate itself here when the debate goes live. Pray God will be glorified.

2 thoughts on “Is the Trinity Biblical? Debate Announcement”

  1. Adam is not from male and he is not from female.
    Eve is from male but she is not from female.
    Jesus is not from male but he is from female.
    Humani(t)y is from male and from female.

    Adam (no,no) |7 –> 1| (yes,yes) Trini(t)y
    Eve (yes,no) |5 –> 3| (no,yes) Father
    Jesus (no,yes) |3 –> 5| (yes,no) Logos
    Humani(t)y (yes,yes) |1 –> 7| (no,no) Spirit

    The Trinity Modulo 8 (subtract 8’s)

    Perichoresis (two in one)
    3×5=7, Father and Logos in Spirit
    5×7=3, Logos and Spirit in Father
    3×7=5, Father and Spirit in Logos

    Each and all is one God
    3×3=1, Father by Himself is God
    5×5=1, Logos by Himself is God
    7×7=1, Spirit by Himself is God
    3x5x7=1, All is one God

    Each not other two
    3=-5x-7, Father is not Logos and not Spirit
    5=-3x-7, Logos is not Father and not Spirit
    7=-3x-5, Spirit is not Father and not Logos

    Man is God’s image (Genesis Chapter 5).
    Adam, Eve, and Jesus, one Mankind (three persons),
    created by God and His image.
    Note: Seth is the image of Adam.

    For all Christian Unitarians,
    Especially the open and public defenders
    (Sir Anthony Buzzard, Dr. Dale Tuggy, and Sean Finnegan)
    of Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested by God,
    our High Preist, Prophet, and King,
    Forever and ever, Amen!

    Bobby G. Thomas
    SSG, USA, Ret.

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